Was established in 2019 by individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. We respect our own instincts and beliefs. We intend to create diverse ready to wear clothes, that differs from the path of being simply visual and one-dimensional. We strive to create clothes that break away from only the “visual expression” of the already established brands.

In order to cope with the rapidly changing trends and as a result of the oriented generation, we plan to make collections that freely solve these problems. We wish to find our very own identity as a brand through diverse projects and collaboration with independent partners. With this foundation, we plan to expand the space, in which we meet the consumer.


HGBB STUDIO focuses on two annually seasons, spring / summer and autumn / winter. Every season represents approximately 70% carryovers, which may have change regarding colours and fabric and in some cases smaller details and adjustments. The remaining 30% will always be dedicated to new designs and styles as we wish to keep up with our identity as well as pioneering within trends and patchwork.

At HGBB STUDIO we wish to be playful as well as pursuing our take on contemporary classic sporty looks.

Copenhagen / Seoul

We are located in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark as well as Seoul, South Korea. Our location in Seoul works as a regular office and showroom for our B2B clients. All sourcing, production and sampling takes place from our South Korean operation.

We strive to improve our garments each season, as we wish to keep our belief of the foundation of good quality.